New Testament Practices

Extravagant and Immodest Dress

One of the clear statements included on “The Brethren Card” is related to outward apparel. It says that the Church of the Brethren “opposes on Scriptural grounds . . . . extravagant and immodest dress (1 Timothy 2:8-10; 1 Peter 3:1-6).” The faithful Christian needs to be concerned about his wardrobe. Worldly dress is often extravagant. The …

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The Laying-On Of Hands

The first article in the present series on New Testament Practices stated that during the Reformation in Europe, both the Roman Catholics and the Protestant Reformers had largely ignored the parts of the Bible that were not palatable to most people, but that the churches with an Anabaptist and Pietist heritage have maintained a number …

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The Feetwashing Service

In Brethren practice, the Lovefeast has been regarded as a service consisting of three parts — the preparatory ordinance of feet washing, the central ordinance of a fellowship meal, and the climaxing ordinance of the communion of the bread and cup. Today we look at the feet-washing service. The Scripture is altogether clear in stating …

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