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Brethren Revival Fellowship (BRF) is a concern movement among the [Schwarzenau] Brethren, seeking to call the Church to a firm stand for the authority of the Scriptures, and to an emphasis upon the teachings of the New Testament as historically…


The Brethren Card

This body of Christians originated early in the eighteenth century the church being a natural outgrowth of the Pietistic movement following the Reformation. Firmly accepts …

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Drowning In A Ditch

When the English explorer Sir Francis Drake returned from his fifth voyage around the world, he was caught in a small but intense storm on …

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Prayer and Revival

EditorialJuly/August, 2001Volume 36, Number 4 We continue this issue with our theme of revival. By the time you read this, Annual Conference will be in …

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From Biblical Nonresistance to “Peace”

Editorial March/April, 1999 Volume 34, Number 2 It is necessary to be reminded again of basic New Testament teaching for the Christian. The Sermon on …

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Brethren Bible Institute

Brethren Revival Fellowship offers the annual Brethren Bible Institute, a one-week school intended to provide systematic instruction in the Bible for any person 16 years of age or older. 

Date: July 24-28, 2023

Duration: 1 week

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