Crisis of Isolation

Crisis of Isolation Editorial March/April, 2023 Volume 58, Number 2 We are bombarded seemingly on a daily basis by crises after crises that come across …

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The New Testament — Our Only Creed

The New Testament —Our Only Creed EditorialJanuary/February 2023 Volume 58, Number 1  2023 marks the 300th year since the organization of the first Brethren in …

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Heaven For the Saved

EditorialJanuary/February, 2021Volume 56, Number 1   The word Heaven appears about (222) times in the New Testament. More than half of those occurrences (127) are …

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What Is the Covenant Brethren Church

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Priscilla A. Martin – A Tribute

As we look back on 2020, most people will likely remember it for the pandemic that swept across the globe, which created much loss and …

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Brethren Mission Fund – Spring 2020

Volume 22 Spring 2020 BMF’s MISSION STATEMENT With the salvation of souls around the world as its chief aim, the Brethren Mission Fund provides a …

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The Resurrection and Commission of Jesus Christ

EditorialMarch/April 2020Volume 55, Number 2 Historical Christianity places great emphasis on the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. Without the literal, bodily resurrection of Christ, there is …

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Creencias Básicas de la
Iglesia de los Hermanos

Introducción Hace ya más de dos siglos atrás en Alemania se formó una nueva comunidad de creyentes cristianos. Las iglesias establecidas se habían vuelto ricas, …

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Reflections on the Brethren Prayer and Worship Summit

Editorial July/August, 2018 Volume 53, Number 4 This edition of the BRF Witness is largely a review and report of the recent Prayer and Worship Summit that was held on April …

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The Parable of the Pharisee and the Tax Collector

Editorial May/June, 2018 Volume 53, Number 3 This year’s Annual Conference theme is entitled, “Living Parables,” from Matthew 9:35-38. Jesus often used parables when teaching …

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