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“If My People” – The Practice and the Promise

Editorial March/April, 2018 Volume 53, Number 2   Throughout the history of the people of God, there have been times of great blessing and favor, …

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Traveling Together

In a recent worship service, I was challenged anew as the minister expounded on the “One Body, Many Parts” portion of I Corinthians 12. “The …

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A Biblical Look at Faith

EditorialJanuary/February, 2018Volume 53, Number 1 Faith is foundational for the Christian life. All throughout history, people have needed faith to both believe God and to …

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Groundswells Among The Brethren

BRF WitnessNovember/December 2017Volume 52, Number 6 by Eric Brubaker The topic for this edition of the BRF Witness normally focuses on a theme of Thanksgiving or Christmas. …

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Reflections on the 2017 Annual Conference

This page does not attempt to report on everything that happened at the 2017 Annual Conference held in Grand Rapids, Michigan. It is a reflection …

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God Speaks About Divorce and Remarriage, Fornication, and Living Together Before Marriage

God Speaks about Divorce and Remarriage (This article by David Myer appeared in the BRF Witness 25 years ago.It was then and now, given an …

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Twentieth-century theologian C. S. Lewis once observed, “Humility isn’t thinking less of YOURSELF, but thinking of yourself LESS!” Let that sink in for a while. Each of …

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Nor Forsaking Assembling Together

EditorialJuly/August, 2017Volume 52, Number 4 Summertime is in full swing, though in a few weeks, school will be back in session once again. People will …

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The Bible and Inclusion

EditorialMay/June, 2017Volume 52, Number 3 The word inclusion means “to be taken in as a part of, or as a member of, a certain group.” To be excluded means …

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Brethren Mission Fund Newsletter Volume 17, Winter 2015

BMF’s MISSION STATEMENT With the salvation of souls around the world as its chief aim, the Brethren Mission Fund provides a channel through the Brethren …

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