The Brethren Card

This body of Christians originated early in the eighteenth century the church being a natural outgrowth of the Pietistic movement following the Reformation. Firmly accepts and teaches the fundamental evangelical doctrines of  the  inspiration  of  the  Bible,  the personality of the Holy Spirit,  the virgin birth,  the deity of Christ,  the sin-pardoning value of his …

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Prayer and Revival

EditorialJuly/August, 2001Volume 36, Number 4 We continue this issue with our theme of revival. By the time you read this, Annual Conference will be in the history books. But the minute book will not be able to record the work done by the Holy Spirit in peoples’ hearts as they sang God’s praises, as they …

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The Cancer of Discontent

EditorialJuly/August, 2021Volume 56, Number 4 Webster defines discontentment as a “lack of satisfaction with one’s possessions, status, or situation. It can be a “sense of grievance: dissatisfaction,” or a “restless aspiration for improvement.” On a personal level, all of us at some point can identify with a restless aspiration for improvement. As the old saying goes, “Room …

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Minister’s Training Course Alternate Book List

Suggested by Brethren Revival Fellowship (links are to Christian Book Distributors,, Brethren Press, or used book outlets.BRF links to these sites as a service to our readers.Purchasing these books through these links may further the work of BRF.) INTRODUCTION TO HEBREW SCRIPTURESGeisler, Norman, Popular Survey of the Old Testament, (Grand Rapids: Baker, 1977), ISBN 0801036844, paper, …

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The Resurrection and Commission of Jesus Christ

EditorialMarch/April 2020Volume 55, Number 2 Historical Christianity places great emphasis on the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. Without the literal, bodily resurrection of Christ, there is no Christianity. Paul points out the fallacy of a religion without the Resurrection and says “If Christ be not raised from the dead, … we of all people are the …

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