Brethren Mission Fund – Spring 2020

Volume 22 Spring 2020


With the salvation of souls around the world as its chief aim, the Brethren Mission Fund provides a channel through the Brethren Revival Fellowship to help resource sound Brethren mission work or Brethren workers wherever the gospel of Jesus Christ is being presented.

Workcamp: 2020

At this time, a workcamp is being planned for June 20-28 at the Miami First Church of the Brethren in Miami, FL. It was originally scheduled to be held in Haiti, but because of the political unrest there, the location was changed. Thomas and Rosene Powell from the Heidelberg Congregation/ANE District, have agreed to lead this workcamp. But with the COVID-19 pandemic, it remains to be seen if it will be held.

Linc and Kaye Myers

Linc and Kaye Myers (formerly of the Pleasant View Congregation/ Southern PA District) have switched their membership to the New Fairview Congregation/ Southern PA District. They had been doing mission work in Budapest, Hungary through SEND International for 14-years. Linc taught missionary children – and others – at a Christian school there. In 2019 the BMF supported Linc and Kaye at a rate of $7,000. However, their term of service ended in the summer of 2019, and they relocated back to the United States. Their mission agency requested that they continue to be supported through the end of 2019, which the BMF committee did. Recently however, it was reported that Linc has not yet found employment, and the mission organization is asking that their support be continued until June 30, 2020. The committee agreed to do a one-time gift of $1,500 toward their support.


The BMF was in its second year of supporting a local Church of the Brethren worker who was serving in Asia. This person was in the process of learning the language and teaching English as a second language. A small church was formed, something which had not happened there for a very long time. The spiritual climate there is very difficult. Most people come from a deeply entrenched Buddhist background, and turning to Christ has major consequences. Also, sharing the Gospel is not tolerated by the authorities, and doing so can have you removed from the country. The BMF was supporting this worker at a rate of $2,000 over the next year. However, we recently learned that because of the COVID-19 pandemic, this worker was asked to leave the country. This mission worker is now back in the States.    

Alpha and Omega

The Alpha and Omega Fellowship (ANE District) serves the Latino community in the city of Lancaster, PA. The congregation also has a Community Center associated with it, which is the outreach arm of their congregation. However, because of a change in some of the Community Center’s board members, they lost a connection to some of their corresponding congregations and the funding associated with them. They are reportedly looking for new board members, but are currently experiencing a financial shortfall. Therefore, in light of the current financial need, the BMF committee agreed to support them with a one-time gift of $1,500, noting that we would recommend that it be used for the evangelical efforts of the ministry.

Josiah Ludwick

Josiah Ludwick is a son of Ron Ludwick (pastor of the Lebanon CoB/ANE District). Josiah is currently serving at the Harrisburg First CoB (ANE District) but is planning to do short-term mission service in the Great Lakes Region of Rwanda. He and his wife Christine had spent a year in Rwanda, doing church planting, ending their term of service early in 2019. Now, however, he will be leading a group of multi-generational workcampers there to help members of the CoB in Rwanda to construct a church building in the headquarter site of Gisenyi. Josiah is seeking $4,000 to take along for supplies for the project. The BMF committee agreed to contribute $4,000 toward this project.  

Kaelyn Horst

Kaelyn Horst is a daughter of Wilmer and Charlene Horst. Wilmer is a member of the BRF committee. Kaelyn is in her late teens and in January, 2019, she began a 2-year term of service in Guatemala with Jungle Breezes Youth Ministries, which is a Mennonite mission. She is serving as a school teacher for missionary children at a ranch for boys. In 2019, the BMF committee supported her at a level of $1,500 ($375 per quarter). She is now in her second year, and the BMF committee has agreed to pay the 1st quarterly payment of $375 (for 2020) and then request more information from her in anticipation of our May meeting.


  1. That the Church of the Brethren would seek to obey Christ and fulfill the Great Commission.
  1. For the missionaries that the Brethren Mission Fund is supporting.
  1. That the BMF committee will have wisdom in responding to requests.
  1. For those people who are serving Christ in areas where there is open opposition to the Gospel. Pray for their safety and effectiveness.
  1. That there would be coordinated mission efforts during this time of unrest in the CoB.
  1. That the COVID-19 pandemic would be stopped, that lives would be saved and people would come to Christ.


David & Veola Bucher          

     5704 Iceland Avenue

     Birmingham, AL 35224

     Phone: (205) 786-6165

     e-mail: [email protected]

Jason & Nicole Hoover

    San Juan de La Maguana

    Dominican Republic

    Phone: (809) 769-9478

    e-mail: [email protected]

Fawn Jacobs        

    811 Deatsville Highway, Apt. 7

    Millbrook, AL 36054

    Phone: (717) 292-3059

    e-mail: [email protected]

Jarrett Miller          

    P.O Box 22185

    Louisville, KY 40252

    Phone: (717) 371-2015

    e-mail: [email protected]

Pat & Karen Myers

    e-mail: [email protected]

Zach & Monika Nolt             

    264 Blake Street

    Lewiston, ME 04240

    Phone: (717) 419-1183 / Zach

    Phone: (717) 269-6599 / Monika

    e-mail: [email protected] / Zach

    e-mail: [email protected] / Monika

Ken & Janet Winebark

    Mercy Ships

    P.O. Box 2020

    Lindale, TX 75771-2020

    e-mail: [email protected]

With the salvation of souls around the world as its chief aim, the Brethren Mission Fund provides a channel through the Brethren Revival Fellowship to help resource sound Brethren mission work or Brethren workers wherever the gospel of Jesus Christ is being presented.



Chairman – C. Earl Eby, 6327 Wayne Highway, Waynesboro,  PA 17268

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Other Members –

Susan M. Wenger, 304 Chestnut Street, Richland, PA 17087

Dale Wolgemuth, 39 North Linden Street, Manheim, PA 17545                               
James F. Myer, Director
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Eric & Linda Brubaker, Editors

The Brethren Mission Fund is a ministry of the Brethren Revival Fellowship.

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Captivity… Dreams… Rulers… Fire… Lions… Prayers… Kingdoms. From a dedicated youth to a faithful sage, Daniel’s life stands as an example to follow.  Yet beyond his personal life, God gifted Daniel with a message of future events.  Though difficult to grasp, these events would shape the world for the coming Messiah and the Second Coming of Christ as King.


Luke presents a warmly personal and historically accurate account of Jesus as “the Son of Man.” This course will survey the Third Gospel, with emphasis on the unique events, miracles, and parables of Jesus found in it.


This class will provide a broad overview of general church history. We will then focus on the Anabaptist and Pietist movements, especially as they relate to the formation and development of the Brethren groups. This is a two-part class. Plan to take both parts.


This course is intended to lay down a measure in a world where truth is slippery and often subject to interpretation. Where “Christian Values” become a political slogan, and “good people” are our allies despite their faulty core beliefs. Where Facebook “friends” post memes about the power of God, despite a lifestyle that is anything but Godly. In the process we often fight among ourselves, doing Satan’s work for him. The purpose of this course is to lay the measure of Jesus Christ against the cults, religions, and worship in our contemporary world.


While Protestant translations of the Bible contain 66 books, the Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox Churches recognize additional canonical books as well.  Where did these books, collectively known as the Apocrypha, come from and why aren’t they part of our Bible?  How reliable are they, and what value is there in studying them?


The goal of this class is to acquire a firm grasp of the teachings and themes of these two general epistles. Peter covers topics from salvation and suffering to spiritual deception and the return of Christ. These letters are packed with warnings and encouragements for Christian living.


A detailed study of Jesus Christ and His relationship to the “I Am” metaphors in John’s gospel. Why did Jesus describe himself in these terms? How do they relate to each other? We will look at spiritual and practical applications to further our Christian growth.


Have you ever been visited by someone who said they wanted to study the Bible with you so that you might discover the truth together?  Jehovah’s Witnesses claim to have much in common with evangelical Christians, and they seem to be well versed in the scriptures.  But what do they really believe and how can we effectively witness to those who have been ensnared by this false religion?


While we may consider Hosea as one of the minor prophets, his message vividly illustrates the major doctrine in all Scriptures.  The theme of God’s unconditional love is magnified and extended beyond those deserving it.  God expresses tender words towards His erring people inviting them to turn from sin to reconciliation with Him.


This course will look at basic principles and polity of leading the local church. We will examine the balance between upholding a spiritually focused organism of ministry and cultivating proper order for effective organization. Practical applications will be emphasized. This is a two-part class. Plan to take both parts.


The Brethren Bible Institute believes in the discipline of the whole person (spirit, soul, and body). We will aim to train students not only about how to study the Bible in a systematic way (2 Timothy 2:15), but also how to live soberly and righteously and godly in this present world (Titus 2:12). God calls Christians to the highest of character when He commands us to be holy (1 Peter 1:15), and holiness requires discipline.

Indulgence in the use of tobacco, alcoholic beverages, drugs, profanity, and gambling are forbidden at BBI. Objectionable literature will be prohibited. Students are asked not to use the college pool during the Institute. Each student must be thoughtful, and respect the rights of others at all times, especially during study and rest periods.

A friendly social group intermingling of students between class periods, and at general school activities is encouraged. Each student should enjoy the friendship of the entire group. At all times, highest standards of social conduct between men and women must be maintained. This means that all forms of unbecoming behavior and unseemly familiarities will be forbidden.

Personal appearance and grooming tell much about one's character. Students are expected to be dressed in good taste. In an attempt to maintain Scriptural expressions of simplicity, modesty, and nonconformity, the following regulations shall be observed while attending BBI.

MEN should be neatly attired and groomed at all times. Fashion extremes and the wearing of jewelry should be avoided on campus. The hair should not fall over the shirt-collar when standing, nor should it cover the ears.

WOMEN should wear skirts cut full enough and of sufficient length to at least come to the knees when standing and sitting. Form-fitting, transparent, low-neckline, or sleeveless clothing will not be acceptable. Slacks and culottes are permitted only for recreation and then only when worn under a skirt of sufficient length. Wearing jewelry should be avoided on campus. Long hair for women is encouraged and all Church of the Brethren girls (and others with like convictions) shall be veiled on campus.

The Institute reserves the right to dismiss any student whose attitude and behavior is not in harmony with the ideals of the School, or whose presence undermines the general welfare of the School, even if there is no specific breach of conduct.

The Brethren Bible Institute is intended to provide sound Bible teaching and wholesome Christian fellowship for all who desire it. The Bible School Committee worked hard and long at the task of arriving at standards, which will be pleasing to the Lord. It is not always easy to know just where the line should be drawn and we do not claim perfection. No doubt certain standards seem too strict for some and too loose for others. If you are one who does not share all these convictions, we hope you will agree to adjust to them for the School period, for the sake of those who do. We are confident that the blessings received will far outweigh any sacrifice you may have to make. If you have a special problem or question, please write to us about it. To be accepted as a student at BBI, you will need to sign a statement indicating that you will cooperate with the standards of the School.