The Light of the World — Vitamins from the Scriptures

By Jordan Keller

Matthew 5:14-16

As you read this devotional, you are being affected by light—sunlight, light bulb, flashlight, and hopefully God’s light. In the Bible, light is linked with God and righteousness. In 1 John 1:5 the Bible says, “God is light.” That’s why when we become children of God, His light shines through us and we are His Light in a dark world (verse 14). We are able to be that light because the Holy Spirit works through our words and works.

On the coast of Maine there are close to sixty lighthouses. They are major tourist attractions. However they also perform a vital role in every mariner’s life. Each lighthouse was placed strategically to warn those on the seas, of shallow water or destructive rocks. We can learn some lessons from the lighthouses.

Just as each lighthouse stands in a very prominent location, so Christians need to be visible. In verse 14 Jesus explains that a city on a hill cannot be hidden. Likewise we must not cover our lights, or blend into the landscape when convenient. We must let our light shine even when the way seems especially dark. Today it seems like we are surrounded by immorality, deceitfulness, apathy, violence, and tolerance for everything except the truth. Is this when we are to shut down our lighthouses and wait out the storm in the cellar? No! Jesus says we are to be visible beacons of light in our communities. A lighthouse sends forth its warning signal to all who see. We need to shine consistently to all who are “in the house” (verse 15). It is easy to shine our lights when we are walking into the church assembly. How are we doing at shining in our areas of residence, commerce, and occupation?

Another lesson we learn from a lighthouse is the need for being reflective. The lighthouse functions with a special lens that rotates around a large center lamp. The lamp’s light shines on this lens which then is reflected out into the darkness. We are reflectors of the glory of God (verse 16). We are to shine the light from the Center Lamp, so others may honor the Light Giver. When a sailor sees the light coming from a lighthouse, he praises the light not the lens. Similarly, through our actions of obedience to the Scripture, others see the Light from our Heavenly Father, the Source of our own peace and joy.

We are the lighthouses in the world. Keep the lights burning, Brethren!

–May/June 2011