Brethren Mission Fund Newsletter Winter 2014

Volume 16
Winter 2014

Intergenerational Workcamp in Haiti
An intergenerational workcamp is being planned for March 12-19, 2014 in Haiti. Participants will serve, work and worship alongside our Haitian Brethren. Emphasis will be placed on relationship building and discipleship encouragement. If you are interested in participating in this workcamp please contact Jim Myer (phone number listed below). This workcamp will be open to about (15) people.

Youth Work Camp
A youth work camp has been scheduled for June 22-28, 2014 in conjunction with Brethren Disaster Ministries. The location of the project has not yet been determined. This work camp is for senior high youth, ranging from those who have completed 9th grade to age 19. The number of participants will be limited to (13). The registration will open on January 10, 2014 at 7 p.m. (central time). For more information please visit the Church of the Brethren website.

David and Veola Bucher
David Bucher, from the Heidelberg Congregation (ANE District), and his wife Veola, have been serving in prison ministry in Alabama through the “We Care Program” since January of 2003. The BMF committee recently agreed to continue the support of the Buchers at a rate of $8,000 for 2014.

Linc and Kaye Myers
Linc and Kaye Myers are from the Pleasant View congregation (Southern PA District) and are serving in Budapest, Hungary through SEND International. Linc is teaching missionary children. Recently the BMF committee agreed to support Linc and Kaye at a rate of $6,000 in 2014.

Blaine and Sheila Copenhaver
Blaine Copenhaver, from the White Oak Congregation (ANE District), and his wife Sheila, are serving in prison ministry with the “We Care Program” in Atmore, Alabama. Blaine is the assistant chaplain at the Atmore Prison. The BMF committee has again agreed to support the Copenhavers in 2014 in the amount of $5,000.

Mission Work in the “Horn of Africa”
The BMF committee was recently made aware of a local medical worker from Pennsylvania who is committed to serving as a doctor in the Horn of Africa, beginning in January, 2014. Expected expenses are $16,500 for travel and orientation, and $1,900 for monthly sup-port. Also, about $18,000 is needed for the purchase of a vehicle. The BMF committee decided to make a one-time gift of $1,650 toward travel expenses and $4,500 toward the purchase of a vehicle. The committee also decided to contribute $2,500 per year toward ongoing expenses.

EYN Compassion Fund
The EYN Compassion Fund was established to support Nigerian Brethren who have lost a family member, home or property due to ongoing violence in Nigeria. In 2009 an extremist Islamist sect, Boko Haram, began terrorist operations in northern Nigeria. Since then many Nigerian Brethren have been killed, along with the destruction of churches and other property. The BMF committee recently agreed to contribute $3,000 toward this fund.

BMF Committee Member Change
Paul Brubaker has served on the BMF committee since its inception in 1998 and has served as the secretary for all of those 15 years. He recently attained emeritus status and will no longer serve on the committee. Dale Wolgemuth from the White Oak congregation (ANE District) has agreed to serve on the committee in place of Paul. We want to thank Paul for his many years of service, and welcome Dale to the committee.

Protective/Sensitive Information
From time to time the BMF commit-tee supports missionaries who are serving in countries that are not open to the gospel. In many of the-se cases, the sending mission organization requests that the names of those individuals not be men-tioned in promotional literature for fear that their mission status be undermined. In such cases these missionaries could experience bodily harm, or expulsion from the country. Please know that there are times when we do not list all of the missionaries being supported in an effort to protect both them and their mission work.